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    Luoyang Xingrong Industrial Co., Ltd., established in 1987, is a private enterprise specializing in providing supporting equipment for the equipment manufacturing industry...View Details

  • Xingrong Forging

    Our main products are divided into six classes, namely shaft, ring, tube plate and top plate product forgings in mining machinery...View Details

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    Luoyang Jinhuan Machinery Co., Ltd. insists on integrity and customer benefits all the time, and sticks to move customer by our own services...View Details

  • Equipment Advantage
  • Production advantages
  • The production equipment mainly includes one 60t eccentric electric furnaces, one 20t and one 5t electric arc furnace, one 75t ladle refining furnace, one VD vacuum degassing furnace, one large shot blasting machine, one 4000t free forging hydraulic press, one 3t electro-hydraulic hammer, one 50t forging machine, one 5m and one 1.2m ring rolling machine, and seventeen 20-600t gas heat treatment furnaces;

  • The machining equipment consists of 14 sets of machines including the 5-8.5 meters single and double column vertical lathes, the horizontal lathe and so on, which can process all kinds of castings and forgings with a single weight of not more than 200 tons, and a diameter of 8.5 meters;

  • The testing equipment includes Germany-made direct reading spectrometer, ultrasonic flaw detectors, universal tensile force and impact testing machines, which can carry out UT, MT nondestructive testing and chemical composition, metallographic structure, mechanical properties and other testing. The company has also established a complete quality management system in accordance with the ISO9001 international standard.

    • Quality System Certificate, Chinese version
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    • Environmental Management System Certificate, Chinese version