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China Foundry Association organized casting enterprises to visit our company

Number of visits: Date:2009-11-29 09:48

November 28, 2009, China Foundry Association held the "China Casting Industry Series Conference --- Cast Steel Melting Topic: Luoyang Station" held in Luoyang, China Foundry Association senior expert Li Chuan-chi, China Foundry Association consultant Gong Jimin, China Foundry Association Secretary-General Huang Tianyou, Henan Province Casting and Forging Industry Association leadership, as well as from more than 150 backbone enterprises casting the factory director (manager) gathered in Luoyang. During the meeting, the China Foundry Association organized a special trip from Luoyang drove more than 50 kilometers, to Luoyang Xingrong company to visit, study and guide the work. In the cast of the leadership of the company in recent years in the development and production of large steel castings made outstanding achievements expressed high praise, and the future development of Xingrong company put forward constructive comments. Through the site visit, Xingrong company and the backbone of the casting enterprises from the country had a fruitful exchanges, but also to enable more enterprises to deepen the understanding of Xingrong company, played a very good publicity.


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